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How much does a shirt cost?

There are different factors that go into the pricing of screen printing orders. The best way to get the most accurate quote is to provide detailed information for the following:

  •  • Number of items – a larger volume of items reduces price per unit due to covering production cost
  •  • Number of colors – the more colors in a logo, the more time it takes to produce a product
  •  • Number of printing locations – every location requires the item to be handled and printed a separate time
  •  • Special requests and other considerations

How long will my order take?

Most orders are completed within 7-10 business days after final approval. 10 business days is the longest an order will ever take as long as there are no requests after final approval.

Do you offer a Rush Service?

Yes, we do. Here are our rush service rates:

  •  • 5-6 business days: This isn’t an unreasonable request – we can probably get it done.
  •  • 3-4 business days: +25%
  •  • 2 business days: +50%
  •  • Next Day: It’s possible; let’s talk about it

Can I provide my own garments?

Good question! You can provide your own items. However, as in any custom design and production process, mistakes do happen from time to time. If a mistake happens with a garment you provided, we will replace it with the closest possible option available to us through one of our vendors. We cannot guarantee an exact match to the garment you originally provided.  But, we will be extra careful when handling your product.

Why should I choose PKWY?

We are glad you asked!  We are a local business.  You can walk into our shop, meet with us, discuss your custom order, and check out our processes.  This is something you cannot do with an online company.

How is PKWY different than other local screen printers?

Actually there are several reasons – fees (or lack thereof), services, quality, and fulfillment.

First, we do not have any additional fees or hidden costs. Most printers will charge an assortment of art fees, screen fees, and setup fees. PKWY has no additional fees. Your price per unit is the out the door price. Except for tax – we have to pay Uncle Sam.

Second, we offer services that other printers in the area aren’t offering.  Water-based and discharge processes allow you have the softest-touch print possible. Foil, glow in the dark, and puff printing are some of the other services that make our shop stand above the rest. And of course, we print plastisol just like the other guys.

Next, we pride ourselves on the quality of items we produce. You do not have to worry about off-centered, incorrectly positioned, or dull images. We take the time to ensure your hand-crafted items are exactly what you expected.

Lastly, we follow through on our delivery commitments. We don’t want you showing up to your event without the product you and others were depending on. Everyone (and we do mean everyone) that works at PKWY has the ability to screen print. Bottom line: we will make sure customers get their order by the time we committed to delivering it.